March 30th

This is the final blog from the Year 5 lab13 committee. Here are our thoughts on our Lab_13 experience. Goodbye and thanks for reading!!

Hi Guys! This is my very last blog for you all. I’m devastated but good luck to all the new interviewees. My words of wisdom for them is just be yourself ….but if you’re a bit loopy then pretend to be more mature. I don’t have a favourite moment from the last 7 months on the committee because it’s all been my favourite moment! Being part of the committee has improved my writing skills hugely. My school has something called “Big Write” and I’ve improved massively in it since I began writing the blog for Lab_13. I’ve gained some adult skills too such as speaking on the phone to companies, interviewing business people and scientists and selling science kits, science books and going science busking. Being on the committee has made me know when to stop talking so much and has really improved my improvement in learning. As well as that, I have brought humour, giggles and crazy laughs to the meetings and time in the lab! My proudest moment is actually just having been on the committee.  – Edwin

Hi, Jasmine here. Being in Lab_13 has really increased my self-confidence from talking to visitors like M.P.s, Professors, and business people in person and on the phone. I have learnt to communicate and work in a group much better, suggesting ideas and listening to others. From writing the blog, letters, and newsletters and working hard to make them interesting and informative I have really improved my ‘big write’ and literacy skills.

I feel I gave the lab a lot of humour and encouragement. Lab_13 has made me want to be the next great scientist and made me really enthusiastic about new science. Now I’m sure I want to be a scientist when I get older – I want to design new gadgets and future technology. My proudest moment was seeing “Walking with Scientists” being such a success because I put so much work and effort into it. When I am talking to people about Lab_13 and what the lab is all about I am very proud and happy that I was on the Management Committee. – Jasmine

It’s Lewis and here what I think! Being on the Lab_13 Management Committee is so fun even during meetings because I love science. I am in a very lucky position because I can reapply for the Lab_13 committee as I have only been on it for a couple of months as a replacement. So far, my favourite thing was working at the Big Bang Fair a few weeks ago. The shows and stands there showed me that science is actually very cool. I really hope I stay on the committee so that I can continue to show students that science is fun! So far, I feel much more confident and more able to talk to adults and business people about Lab_13. I’m becoming much more responsible now because I always remember to do all my jobs given during committee meetings. My strategy for getting back on the committee is to try to persuade the interview panel that I would save them money because I already have a Lab_13 hoody! – Lewis

Hi this is Ellen. It was so great to have been a part of Lab_13. Being on the committee is the best thing I’ve done in school… ever. My tip for new committee members is to just be yourself, have fun and try your hardest!

I’ve gotten more confident in talking to other people and my writing skills have improved loads, like massively, hugely! I love knowing more about science and that girls make good scientists too. I know a lot of my school friends a bit better now. I’ve really learned more about working in a team of people who I didn’t really know very well before. Now I’d count some of my other committee members as my best friends. Before , I always loved science but it never seemed to teach the things that I loved in class but now that I am (was – oh I hate saying that ) on the committee I’ve become more able to learn about the things that I like and things that I’m interested in. It’s really changed how I see science and how I see everything in general!

3 Responses to March 30th

  1. Miss Stride says:

    Well done guys, you have done a fantastic job and I know that all of your hard work is appreciated by everyone at school, especially the teachers and all of the children that get to experience the lab. I know that you are sad to be leaving the commitee but I’m sure that all the useful skills that you have developed will open up more, exciting opportunities in the future. Well done again. Miss Stride

  2. Pauline Hale says:

    Fantastic job! I have seen a big change in you all.Follow your dreams

  3. Rick says:

    Sending you huge thanks, you have been, are, amazing. Now, carry that confidence into your futures.
    Remember what it felt like to pick up the phone, or lead a conversation, or make a presentation, or just follow your own experiments and research interests.

    Thanks a million for being part of Lab_13 network, and best wishes

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