March 9th

Another busy week for Lab_13.  

This week some Year 8 pupils from Wrenn School came in. Wrenn is a specialist science secondary so their Year 8 G&T Science students are working with some of our children as Science Mentors. They came in and did some great experiments and got hands on experience of what creatively teaching STEM is like. Matthew in Year 2 said “It was very fun and I learnt a lot. Blood in your veins is not really blue, it just looks like it is until it gets some air”.






We are still working very hard on our Science Experiment Tubes for the Big Bang Fair on Sat 17th. The Lab_13committee have decided to make a science spy kit to place in the tube called “Little Sherlocks – Be a Detective with a Difference!” to sell at the Big Bang Fair for just under £10. We are very excited about our trip to the Big Bang Fair as it will be a great day out for all of us.

Right now the Lab_13 Committee are writing letters to the Minister of Education to tell him about Lab_13 and what a catastrophe it would be if our Lab_13 in Irchester was shut down so if he does read our letters he can send us one back saying if he would like to sponsor us.  

See you next week,

One Response to March 9th

  1. Rick says:

    Not sure if you will pick this up from here – so if you haven’t read this ignore it
    but if you have read this
    just to say it was great to see you at Big Bang Fair – and you did a great job
    hope that you had fun meeting all those science and slime folk..
    now my sister wants to add this to the investigations board..
    why are pigs’ tails curly?
    in fact, now you come to think about it – why are some tails of animals curly and some straight?

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