May 10th

Hello! This Joe & Lewis (or Jowis!),

The winner of our tadpole competition, Chloe Hartwell in Year 4 won a very special prize! With the winning name of Tortilla the Tadpole, not only did she win a science dictionary and a water experiments kit but she got to be a Lab_13 Committee Intern complete with a hoodie! She has attended our Tuesday Committee meeting and committee club and has come up with some great ideas for the lab and has been learning a lot about what being on the committee is all about. We think this will be great experience for when we recruit some Year 4s for next year’s committee.

Christopher from Texas Instruments in Northampton (the company who rented us the ‘box of tricks’ free for a month) came in yesterday to show us how it all worked. He also told us a bit about how other groups have been using the equipment.

We tried out the Carbon Dioxide sensor, the Oxygen sensor, Gas Pressure sensor, light intensity reader, Temperature reader and EKG reader (EKG means Heart Rate. This is the kind they use in hospitals). They record all the data in graphs so that we can compare tests. We are really looking forward to using them at our Sports Day and showing the parents all about what we have learned about Sports Science. We have thought of loads of ways to use this equipment already – Morgan was even monitoring how hot it got in his sock!

4 Responses to May 10th

  1. Inquisitive says:

    Page looking good. Well done Chloe. Keep up the good work Lab13

  2. Well done, looks like lots of interesting things happening at Lab_13.

  3. Mrs Alison says:

    I’m looking forward to the Sports Science at Sports Day!

  4. Rick says:

    any plans for science and the Olympics experiments folks?
    great news about the froglet and the data kits

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