May 18th

This week we have had some very exciting news – some of the tadpoles have now turned into froglets! They are really very tiny, about the same size as your thumbnail.


Unfortunately one of the bigger tadpoles must have got a tad peckish and he ate one of the miniature froglets – one of their brothers! Because the tadpoles had eaten their poor brother lab 13 found out that the tadpoles are carnivores and cannibals! How mean is that?

So we have released them back into the wild so they can carry on with their normal lives. So far, we have released about 12 froglets into the wildlife area near the pond. The last time we released some, there was a very large frog in the pond watching us!

Aiden, the “Tadpole Tamer”, is in charge of feeding the tadpoles and froglets and he carefully collects and prepares some very disgusting food for them. He also records the growth of tadpoles and froglets.

Interestingly, none of the tadpoles in the pond have any legs at all yet so all the extra care we are giving them must be speeding up their life cycle. The pond tadpoles are also much darker and rounder than our tadpoles even thought they all came from the same frogspawn.


But if you do still want to see more tadpoles don’t worry we still have loads that have not turned into frogs in the tank that you can see.

Just now I have been chatting to Mrs Alison about the released frogs and we have a new question that some of you readers out there could answer. We were wondering how you tag a frog so we can tell which ones we raised. We wondered if you could dab a piece of cotton bud into some nail varnish and then place it on the frog but would that harm the frog? We researched it and found that yes it would (no frogs were harmed in this research!). Some people have fitted electronic tagging devices to frogs but only big adult ones and our little froglets are very tiny still.

If you have any ideas please place your comments at the bottom of the page.

2 Responses to May 18th

  1. Mrs Alison says:

    Thanks for researching my question. I am really glad no frogs were harmed in the experiment. Let me know when you have discovered how to tag a tiny froglet?

  2. Mr Hopkins says:

    Wow! I knew tadpoles were carnivores but I didnt know they were cannibals. I’m really looking forward to coming and seeing Lab13 in action tomorrow.

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