May 3rd

All of the names from the tadpole competition have been picked so the competition is sadly over. ): But a lucky winner was chosen! She had picked the name Tortilla the Tadpole which we had chosen too.Luckily, we now have enough money to buy the new year 5’s hoodies. Yay!  We just spotted a couple of tadpoles with legs today so we are very excited! Also we have even more money than we needed.

Texas Instruments have sent us a ‘box of tricks.’ It includes things like oxygen sensors and data loggers. They sent it to us so we could try them out because they want to see if it works in schools. We are looking forward to using this equipment for some very exciting investigations!



As the Olympics is coming up, we decided to use half of our question board for sports related questions. e.g. do the tallest people jump the furthest? Or, do the youngest people run the quickest? Leave your sports questions in the comments box.

This week, we have been planning lots. The main thing is the Irchester Street Fair for the Diamond Jubilee. We will be running a stall, where we will be selling something, but we’re not sure yet what we will sell.

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading.

Fran and Ellie

3 Responses to May 3rd

  1. Inquisitive says:

    Do you need long legs like Usain Bolt to run fast?

  2. Mr Lett says:

    Sounds very exciting. Do all the tadpoles loook the same?

  3. Rick says:

    Ok I accept that I lost the tadpole competition, and that I still owe you the 20p entry..
    still think Tallulah was the best name – sulk

    here’s my question for Olympic sports science:

    Is there an absolute limit for any record? for instance will it be impossible to run the 100 metres in under 9 secs or this it a physical impossibility? what is the limit of human achievement on the athletics track (or field)?


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