October 12th

Hi! Jess and Jayden here to tell you all our latest news!

Lab-13’s science kits are just about completed. The labels are designed (and they are looking very eye catching!), the info booklets are prepared and all of the equipment that needs to be used is all packed inside packets and ready to go.  The afterschool club is just putting the finishing touches to them and doing some quality checks before we start selling them!
When Fran, Jess and Chloe presented at the UoN (University of Northampton), Trish, who works there, was very eager to come out and see the lab for herself. She came to meet the rest of the committee and told us she is very eager to invite us to the university. We have just been told that she wants us to run two workshops at UoN for getting girls into science and engineering. The best part is that we will be getting paid! Our hourly rate is much higher than Miss Hogan’s or Mrs Tyrrell’s!

We will be holding a Halloween raffle which will help us with our funding for the lab. At the moment we have a signed Jedward album which there is a lot of interest in so hopefully we will raise a lot of money!

Only two weeks till our schools science sculptures need to be finished progress is definitely rising and our creative sculptures will soon be ready.

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