October 17th


This week we have done a lot!

First of all, Year 5 and 6 have been to Chester House Farm, where we went on a Roman archaeological dig. We helped toe archaeologists dig out some of the site that needed to be excavated.  We found lots of bones, some animal teeth and LOTS of ironstone. Also, we uncovered some old bits of Roman pottery, we learnt found out about pottery and how the Romans would have made or used them. Mick told us that the Romans used to bring olive oil and wine all the way from France and Italy to Irchester in these pots almost 2000 years ago! Also on the site, they have found the remains of 8 human bodies and 1 dog skeleton. They think it was an ancient burial ground for a family so we suspect there more bodies too! The next field is one of the main Roman settlements, but the government wants to protect it so we can’t dig on it. We can just use science like geophysics and magnetic charts to predict what lies beneath the soil.

Next, even though it was 2 weeks ago, the Volunteer’s Fair is what the Year 6 Committee girls went to. We did a lot of networking and as a result, we have had a meeting in Lab_13 with a lady we met there.  She sets up the girls in science and engineering events and the university, and she asked us three to run two workshops for the next event! And guess what, we’re getting paid £100 for two 45minute sessions! It’s amazing, it’s our first job and more than what some teachers get paid!

Its nearly Halloween so, we’re having a Halloween raffle to raise some money. The prizes are a signed Jedward album, a science dictionary and 3 different science kits. Exiting!

The Foundation stage open evening was last night. We told parents of children who will come to the school next year about what we do in the lab. We hope we impressed them!

Last of all, the best thing, we’re going to Nottingham to go to 3-2-1 Ignition! – the first science pop- up shop in the world!  We were going to go in the mini bus but we couldn’t get hold of it, so we called Ignite up and said we can’t go. They really needed us there so they paid for us to go on the train! It’s so thrilling. We are going to really have a great time!

Thanks for reading,

Fran and Jack

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