October 5th


Ebony and Lewis writing this week!

On the 3rd the Year 6 girls from our committee are going to the University of Northampton for a Volunteers’ Fair to see if any lecturers or students would like to be involved with one of our projects.

The Coffee morning last week went really well. Ebony and Jack did some jokes and made everybody laugh. Their favourite joke was “Why is electricity not allowed in school?” “Because it can’t conduct itself properly!” We also did some cool science tricks with balloons which people liked to try.

To raise the remainder of funds for our Lab_13 hoodies (which have finally arrived!!) we are holding a Halloween raffle and the winner gets a signed copy of a Jedward CD! Miss Hogan’s friend donated it. We are still deciding the price for the tickets.

We did some interviews this week to see how all the different students that use the lab are enjoying it. We interviewed the Year 3 and 4 After School Club about what they think. Abby said “I like finding and looking at insects.” “I like the art in science” said Lucy.

Emily, whose Dad comes to Dads’ Club said “I liked doing the paintings that are about science.” The dads club are making a timeline of the beginning of the universe around the fence of our school. Emily said “The children are drawing the paintings like the Big Bang and the first dinosaurs and the dads are putting them on plastic and on the fence.” 

Image Image

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