September 10th

Hello, I’m Jack and I’m new to the committee. I applied because I wanted to be part of Lab_13 team. I think science is interesting because I like finding out how stuff works and why things happen. I’m looking forward to working as a team, meeting new people and helping younger people to become more interested in science. I want to be an architect or a farmer when I grow up so learning more about science and maths now is very important to me.



What’s up people? I’m Jayden and I have just joined the Lab_13 Committee. The reason I wanted to be on the lab committee is because it has changed my mind about how I see science. My favourite thing so far in Lab_13 was making cell biscuits and being able to eat our own experiments! I was only in Year 3 when Lab_13 opened in our school. I’ve seen what the other committees have done and I have been waiting until I was old enough to do all those cool things too. We already went on a trip to Silverstone circuit and I’m looking forward to going on more trips where I can learn more about how real people use real science.


Hello, my name is Scarlett and I am new to Lab_13. I am looking forward to carrying out all the different jobs the committee has to do as they are different each week. I can’t wait to spend more time in the lab, learning lots of new things and helping other children in the lab. I applied for the job because I want to spend time working on longer projects and science visits. I hope I can help to expand the publicity of Lab 13, talking to people about it and fund raising!



 Hi I am Ebony and I joined Lab_13 this term. I wanted to join the committee because I want to spend more time in the lab. I was part of the Newspaper Club last year so I hope my writing skills will be useful for my work on the committee. I am looking forward to spending more time in the lab, organising special science days (and, of course, the cool Lab_13 hoodies!). Also, I am looking forward to spending more time with Miss Hogan.


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