September 13th

Hi!  Jess and Jayden here! It’s Jayden’s first time writing a blog for the committee.



We have just run a very successful book sale. We rescued a lot of old science and geography books and posters from being put in the bin and decided to sell them to other children to raise money. We were amazed by the demand! We sold all of the old books and posters for just 20p each and have raised a total of £26.30. It’s not much, but it’s enough to get our new committee members their brilliant Lab_13 hoodies. Miss Hogan was very impressed with Jack’s sales skills!

We just agreed to do some Science Busking at the Macmillan Coffee Morning which our school is having. We will be impressing everyone with our science tricks and amazing charm! Last year everyone was wowed by the amazing science magic so we will be coming up with new ones this time.

Our Year 3+4 science farmers started a new project this week studying agricultural science. They visited Jack’s dad’s farm and will be taking trips there every month to study changes on the farm during the year. They are very excited to start their new project and especially watching the little piglets grow up.


Also, the lab has two new clubs! One, for Mums, is called “Ladies in the Lab” and the one for Dad’s and their kids is called “Dads in the Lab”. They have both been very popular and our parents are working on some top secret projects!

See you next week!

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