September 19th

We are starting this term with a really special project. We are going to be designing Science Sculptures for our school – celebrating science through Art. The whole school will be involved so each year group will be working on an installation to exhibit around the school. Aleady there are lots of amazing ideas and we cant wait to see the work exhibited for many years.

The committee gets to design one too. We are planning a science sculpture for birds which is their very own Bird City. And we were thinking on bird personalised huts with added bird feeders and everything will be designed for the special adaptations that Irchester birds have.

We were contacted by a man called Tim Spuck who is an Einsten Distinguished Fellow from Washington DC.  He wanted to visit us to talk about the future of science education and why we think a Lab_13 in every school is the way forward. Unfortunately, he found out at the last minute that he wasn’t able to come and he was leaving the next day. But, on the plus side, we will be Skyping him about the future of science in schools.

Did you know we now have Mums Club and Dads Club? They have also been designing Science Sculptures. The Mums  Club (or LabLadies) thought of brilliant ideas such as a giant solar system on our school playground with the distances and sizes relative to the actual planets size.

The Dads Club have really stepped up their game and have decided to make a green house made of old recycled bottles which we thought was a cool idea!

Have you ever seen a Science Sculpture that made you go “Wow”?

Thanks for reading!

Chloe and Scarlett

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