September 27th


This week, a lady from the Medical Research Council called Brona McVittie came in and talked to us. Some chosen year 6’s learned about the history and future of medical science. We discussed Heroes of health such as Henry Dale, Almroth Wright and Harriette Chick. Then we wrote a letter to Sir John Savill to tell him about the world in 100 years time.

At the end she told us about a competition. We have to enter a creative piece about the future of medical research. It’s all up to our imagination and for us to imagine what the world will e like in 100 years. The winner will be displayed in the foyer of Imperial College London. We are full of ideas!
On Friday the school will be holding a Macmillan coffee morning for the village and all of the year groups will be performing a song, and people who play an instrument will perform too. Lab_ 13 will be going round tables and be doing little science experiments and jokes, (we are practising some balloon tricks already) and busking for money. You are all welcome to come along – 9.00-12.00 is when it starts.

Work has started on our amazing Little Sherlock kits. We got such good feedback from when we gave them out at the Big Bang Fair in March that we decided to start selling them properly. Our Little Entrepreneurs work on Thursdays afterschool putting the kits together, comparing prices of materials, working on the label, and doing market research.


When they are finished we will sell them at the Nottingham Pop Up Shop with Ignite in October. We had some really good news today and heard that the Wellingborough Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Club want to sponsor the production of our kits so that all the money we make will be profit and will go straight to our Lab_13 fund!


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