I Wonder Why My Tummy Rumbles – Brigid Avison

Name of Book: I Wonder Why My Tummy Rumbles

Author: Brigid Avison

Reviewer: Lauren P


This book promises “detailed, lively answers to questions”. The language in the book is just right for any age; basically it is suitable to be read by children and adults. The words are easy to understand so could be read by an adult to a younger child.

The images used do a good job of getting readers to get the point (understand) and after seeing pictures it is much easier to tell where the different parts of the body are located.  It answers the questions very simply.

Sometimes the questions in the book are a little bit silly but still interesting to read about.  The book is full of funny facts, some of the ones I liked were

–          No one has the same fingerprints as you in the whole world

–          Your ‘funny bone’ is actually a nerve in your elbow

–          Without bones inside us we would look like a floppy, squishy, bag of jelly!

I would recommend this book to ages 4 and older but small children might need an adult to help read.

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