Science Poetry

Planets by Megan B

Planets, planets

Looking over space

Among them Earth

Nothing disrupting anything

Earth, our planet

Turning round

Spinning endlessly….


A Statement of Matter – By Megan H

Condensation is evaporation in the opposite way,

The molecule and particles will surely spread again.

Volume and shape are nice and bright just like ice

Which could melt in the night!

Hot water will immediately make steam

Also heat, then they work as a gas team!


A Space Poem – By Niamh Webb

We have the sun, the moon, all upon earth.

We study them, we search for them and are finding many more

Jupiter and Saturn, Mercury and Mars,

Our solar system is full of things –

Nebulas and clouds, storms and stars.

Our moon is made of craters, rocks make it lumpy,

Our moon protects us from asteroids

And that is why it is so bumpy.

Our sun is made of fire and many gases alight,

It reflects off our moon to make it shine and light up the night.


By  Lauren P

Planets, planets in our galaxy,

Large to small, little to big.

A long time ago a universe was created.

Neptune is one of our planets,

Eight planets now because Pluto doesn’t count.

There are lots of moons around different planets

Solar system, solar system – it’s where we live


Planets by Megan B


There are eight planets in our galaxy,

It used to be nine but Pluto’s a fallacy.

First is Mercury,

It doesn’t have much security.

Second is Venus,

Have you ever seen it?

Next is Earth,

You’d really like the surf!

Now here is Mars,

It is surrounded by stars.

Here is Jupiter,

Can this poem get much stupider?

Now there is Saturn,

Will it ever fatten?

Next is Uranus,

Now no-one will complain to us.

Last but not least is Neptune,

It has certainly kept its tune

Planets, planets above us, wow,

Will never end not even now!



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