Ancient Stars are Milking It! – Morgan W 16/11/11

Morgan W, Year 6, reports

Scientists have concluded how the Milky Way formed by looking at ancient stars!

Shortly after the Big Bang the universe was dominated by mysterious dark matter, hydrogen and helium. When the dark matter and gasses clumped together under their own gravity they formed the first stars!

In the scorching interior of these stars hydrogen and helium melted together and formed the first heaver elements like Carbon, Nitrogen and Oxygen. After a “short” while (a few hundred million years) all of the known elements were in place.

Every time a star dies in a violent explosion known as a Supernova, it releases clouds of gas and newly formed elements out into space, where the gas clouds contract again and finally collapse to make new stars.

It is very surprising to know that some of these old stars have been found and are relatively rich in the very heaviest elements. But they exist and are found right in the middle of our own galaxy, the Milky Way!

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