Bionic Lenses for Christmas? – Morgan W 24/11/11

Morgan W- Year 6

A new generation of contact lenses show technology that could allow wearers to read floating text and emails. Researchers at Washington University who are working on the device say it’s safe! Sadly, they still need to find a good power source for them as at the moment it only works within a couple of nanometres of the wireless battery.

But now that initial safety tests on rabbits have come through – they are nearly ready for us! Drivers could wear them while driving to project on the widescreen.  But as all contact lens wearers will know, it is very important to clean contacts very regularly to protect them from dirt.

Niamh in my class thinks “What’s the point because we can already check emails almost instantly”.

I reckon I am looking at my next Christmas present! I could play FIFA in class all day – it is like a transportable Xbox but billions of times smaller. So it can have it’s advantages for school children too..but maybe not for teachers.

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