English Eels in Big Trouble! – Lauren P 24/11/11

Lauren P- Year 6 reports.. 

In the north of England, a marine conservations scheme is seeing a special eel pass being put into riverbeds. The endangered animals have to get past man-made obstacles like dams and find it very difficult. The scheme which is run by the Cooperative and the River’s Trust are trying to construct the speedways in Cumbria, Cheshire and Lancashire at ten key sites.

Hopefully, the eel passes will re-open eel habitats such as Lake Windermere where the species has not been seen for more than thirty years, A wider campaign are helping the endangered species back from the brink of extinction. In 2009, the Environment Agency believed “The number of European eels across the continent has declined by as much as 95% in the last 25 year.” It is important to help the eels all we can because they need to get to the Sargasso Sea to breed or die.

Help the Eels!

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