New Planet Discovered – Megan H 7/12/11

Megan reports….

According to new exciting information, astronomers have just discovered a new blue planet – but it is 600 light-years away! They think it habitable because it is orbiting close to a star similar to our sun, it is a rocky planet and has temperatures similar to ours in Spring.

Alan Boos, from the Carnegie Institute, was part of the research team which found this new planet. They used the NASA Kepler space telescope to examine the planet.


This is very important because most planets are made up of ice and water or gases but this rocky one may be the closest thing to Earth.  According to this research, the star which this new planet orbits is 25% less luminous to our sun so not as bright.

I think is a great discovery because having a habitable planet with a good temperature means we might be able to holiday there. Also, it means it doesn’t have the same issues as our world like Global Warming.  But, by my calculations, it would take us about 10,555,451 years to get there in a NASA rocket.

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