New Survey on Showering Habits – Megan H 24/11/11

Megan H Year 6

Did you know that members of over 100 families are taking eight minutes in the shower?

Scientists reveal that they want people to take 5minutes or less in the shower. The information was gathered by data loggers that recorded 2600 showers taken by 100 families over a ten day period. According to the data, an eight minute shower uses 62 litres of hot water. Also, it suggested that if people are using a power shower, that adds extra pressure to the water flow, then an eight minute shower would require twice as much water and energy as a bath!

My opinion would be that showers are better because basically when you have a bath you are washing in your own dirty water. Showers are more eco-friendly because you use less water and energy but only if you have a quick shower.

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