The Massive Mammoth is Back! – Morgan W 7/12/11

Morgan reports

Scientists have found a woolly mammoth thigh bone in Siberia and say that within 5 years they will be able to clone a mammoth! The bone was very well preserved and scientists will be able to take bone marrow from inside it.

Woolly mammoths were very common animals 10,000 years ago and lived in North America, Europe and Asia but unfortunately then went extinct.

The researchers from Kinki University say that they will just replace the DNA in the cells of an elephant egg cell with the DNA found in cells of the bone marrow and that this will clone a wooly mammoth.

Warmer temperatures have thawed the ground in Russia and now many well preserved wooly mammoth bones are being discovered. Some which have been frozen for about 11,000years!

Personally I think there would be chaos if woolly mammoths rampaged in the wild and think they would have to be kept very secure!

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