Wollaston Wind Farm – Why? – Niamh W 16/11/11

Niamh W, Year 6, reports

In Wollaston, a village near Irchester, they are planning to build two enormous wind turbines and this is my story.

The Good Side

A modern wind turbine can easily power your home for free- providing enough energy for 230million cups of tea or power a computer for 2,250 years. Up to January 2009, wind turbines in the UK have had the amazing result of preventing the release of 3,682,563 tonnes of carbon dioxide according to Renewable UK.  Wind farms will create 160,000 jobs and deliver over £60billion of investment.

The Bad Side

But don’t be too impressed! In Wollaston there is a school and houses very near where the wind turbines are planned and they will be 181ft high. It is just next to a road and drivers can be distracted by the sun shining of the blades.

My Side

I go past the site where the turbines will go on my way to Dance class. I personally think that the wind farm is a great idea but the site is not the best. They need to move it to a different location so it isn’t so close to the road, schools, or the houses.

One Response to Wollaston Wind Farm – Why? – Niamh W 16/11/11

  1. Gail Wilcox says:

    Hello Niamh,

    Thank you for your letter, we at SNOWW do agree with you. It is not that we are againt green energy only that they need to be in the right place, unfortunatly due to huge goverment subsdies and no proper planning guidelines farmers all over the country are trying to get them on their land. If you are in agreement may we take your letter with us when we see our local MP Mr P Bone.
    Many thanks Niamh.
    Gail Wilcox

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