WT Supplementary Documentation

  1. Project summary as described by children’s questions. Table of questions used to plan project:Summary of project q’s Video: Our children lead their own learning. This video details what Lab_13 and Dirty Stinky Children is all about! 
  2. Lab_13 Development plan from Ignite Futures: This article details the history, and passion behind Lab_13. It features case studies and the need for development across the network.  Lab13DevelopmentPlan_Sept2013
  3.  Evidence of Pupils and Science Learning A Primary Science Quality Mark Silver award winning illustration of how our pupils are committed to their learning of science in our school Pupils and Learning – section c
  4. Evidence of Teachers and Science Teaching A Primary Science Quality Mark Silver Award winning detailing how our our teachers and supporting staff implement and develop excellent science teaching in our school Teachers and Teaching
  5. Evidence of Excellent Science Leadership This Primary Science Quality Mark evidences the commitment and passion to science pedagogy our science coordinator demonstrates.  PSQM Science Lead
  6. Gillespie PSQM portfolio Ths details the commitment Gillespie shows to developing science in their school. They were awarded Silver in 2013. Science Portfolio
  7. Lab_13 Blog, Twitter and statistics You have found our blog! This is regularly updated with science work and STEM news from the children in our schools. https://lab13network.wordpress.com/ . Attached is the latest stats for site hits (over 17000) and clearly shows the varied audience our blog has from countries worldwide. Lab13 blog statistics We also have a twitter account @Lab_13Irchester The Lab_13 Irchester twitter feed is constantly updated with links to blog and has approx 360 followers.
  8. An Introduction to Lab_13 Irchester This powerpoint was presented at a STEM Teachmeet to demonstrate excellent science teaching practice in under 7minutes What is Lab_13 Irchester
  9. An introduction to Lab_13 Gillespie This document details the commitmenet to science and links with other schools as Gillespie school begin their Lab_13 journeyGillespie additional info
  10. Children’s video 1 For a report on women in Science and Engineering the girls were asked if having a Lab_13 encouraged them to consider a career in STEM   “ Why girls need lab_13 in schools”
  11. Children’s video 2 Having learnt of low numbers of science specialists in primary schools these children highlight their concerns. “Why we need scientist in residence in schools”
  12. Risk Assessments This article documents the risks involved in the Dirty Stinky Children project and mitigation measures that will be taken.   Lab_13_risk_assesment_23oct
  13. Detailed breakdown of consultancy fees for evaluation Break down of costs

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