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Quail Physiotherapy

At Irchester, Roxy gave some quail eggs to the lab to hatch. After just two weeks of incubating the first quail hatched. We now have 3 lovely little quail chicks. However, one of these chicks (the little stripy one) has … Continue reading

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Gillespie news 3rd March 2014 – candling eggs!

Egg Candler The Egg Candler allows you to see what is happening inside the egg. You shine the L E D light on to the egg very gently and you can see the different part forming a chick. The L … Continue reading

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Gillespie news 26th February 2014 – crystals and eggs!

Y3 Crystals One sunny day in Gillespie’s Lab 13, everyone in year 3 found out the answer to Rosie, a year 3 pupil’s question “How do you make crystals?” First Rosie and her friend Elvie told the rest of the … Continue reading

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How are birds adapted for flight?

Year 6 asked this question this week so on Tuesday we had two visitors to Lab_13 – Stella and Matilda the chickens. Unfortunately chickens aren’t very good at flying but as Miss Hogan does not have a pet eagle we had to … Continue reading

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Happy 2nd Birthday Lab_13 Irchester!

As you all know, recently, it was Lab _13’s 2nd birthday!!!!!! It was stupendously stupendous. The day kicked off with an amazing assembly hosted by us, the committee. It was exciting and interactive and we wowed all 350 children with mindblowing … Continue reading

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Sponsor an Egg Prizegiving

Congratulations to Amy J. who was the lucky winner of our Sponsor an Egg competition. Amy’s little Ancona chick was the first of 30 to hatch at lunchtime on Monday 6th May. She won an amazing prize! Jake’s dad, the … Continue reading

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Irchester Chicks

On the 6th of May our first chicken eggs hatched! Our chicks are all different breeds and are all different shapes and colours. We have even found, what we think is, a black silky! We have a great a selection of chicken breeds such … Continue reading

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