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Kids Conference Results – Darwin Table & Outreach

Nicholas and Jess’ table: outreach. The topic on our table was outreach: how to talk to people outside of school about Lab_13 and how to tell people about what we do. Once we started, I had to lead by asking … Continue reading

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Citizen Science on our Residential to Wales

Recently, Year 6 went on a residential to Longtown which is located on the Black Mountains of Wales. As this was such a contrasting landscape and environment to what we are used to we decided to do some scientific experiments … Continue reading

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Fraxinus: the Facebook game where we crack the genetic code of ash dieback disease.

At the moment, between 90-99% of our 90million Ash trees in the UK will be wiped out by Ash dieback disease. Fraxinus is a puzzle which by solving combinations onscreen we can help scientists decode the genetic structures necessary to stop … Continue reading

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SlugWatch – a new citizen science project for Lab_13ers!

You might remember a little while ago we told you about “Spider in Da House” a citizen science project that we could all take part in. Now it’s time for slugs –  SlugWatch! There is a big problem in the … Continue reading

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“Spider in da house”

  Citizen science is when members of the public can become involved and play a very important role in real scientific research. Often, this is collecting data from all over the country. During the summer, Lab_13 Irchester took part in … Continue reading

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