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Lab_13 Ghana: Titanic 2015 Boatastic Race

The competition of Boatastic Race was the first competition that Lab_13 Ghana has hosted. The competition was great, brilliant, fantastic and AMAZINGLY SUPERB! The competition was all about building a boat that: 1. Can float on water. 2. Obey certain … Continue reading

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The Winner of Irchester’s Shadow Art Competition

On Friday the 22nd of May we introduced the shadow art competition for the lab’s 4th Birthday. We were impressed by all of the entries, there were loads of different ones including Elizabeth 1st walking her dog, a pretty cool … Continue reading

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COMMENCING IN 5…4…3…2…1… At LAB_13 we are reintroducing the Conker Challenge! Last year we held a competition for all of you to enter autumn and find the heaviest conker IN THE WORLD! This year, we want you to bring them … Continue reading

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Microscopic Coffee Morning in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support

As you all know, last Friday, coffee mornings were held around the country in aid of Macmillan. In Irchester, every year group did a great singing performance at our coffee morning.  The Lab_13 committee also was running a fundraising quiz … Continue reading

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Photocomp Entries

At Lab_13 Irchester we have been running a Wildlife Photography Competition called “What’s in your Garden?” . There is still a week left to enter but take a look at some of our entries so far! Which ones are your favourites?

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Spring has sprung in Irchester!

Hi, This is Morgan and Kieran. Spring has finally sprung in Lab_13! As well as having some chicken eggs to hatch we have also been lucky enough to hatch tadpoles and spot newts! Mini Meadows Farm has been so generous … Continue reading

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Lectures and Movies at Irchester

Lab_13 Lectures National Science and Engineering Week 2013 is approaching very quickly! At Lab_13 we have planned lots of things to celebrate. We are to be hosting a science lectures event for primary school children called The Lab_13 Lectures. We … Continue reading

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Medical Research Council Interview Irchester

Today, some Irchester children were interviewed by Brona from the Medical Research Council. We are working with her on a very cool project about imagining the world in 100 years. We are making some futuristic projects for her but today … Continue reading

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Science Songwriter of the Future!!

We have some really good news at Irchester Lab_13 ! We have WON SECOND place in the science songwriter of the future contest! Jess, Chloe and Fran wrote the song, and here is some information on how we wrote it. The … Continue reading

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Irchester Latest News!

Fran has just finished her first blog entry. Have a read and see if you have a question to contribute! Ellie and her share all the news from this week here.

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