Lab_13Ghana goes international – Titanic competition!

With great excitement, the Management Team of Lab_13Ghana announce an international boat-tastic design competition – and the rules are very strict!

But it should be a lot of fun

Entries are invited online via YouTube with the following information from the Teachers’ information sheet..

Lab_13 Ghana is proud to announce our first inter-school competition, Titanic 2015: Boat-tastic

Race! Your students will be competing against Ghanaian and international schools to produce the best boat that they can. Boats can be made of any material, we encourage students to be as imaginative as possible! Please use this sheet as a guide to assist your students in creating their entry.

Title: Titanic 2015: Boat-tastic Race

Opening Date: Thursday June 18 2015

Closing Date:  8th July for international entries, entering via video.

Please send a video of your entry to

Good Luck

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Exciting Award for Lab_13 Irchester!

This week Mrs Alison came in to the Lab 13 Committee meeting and announced some great news: that we had won a national community award! We are very happy to accept this award and hopefully this Friday we can announce the good news to the whole school. We came 1st out of over 3000 schools, for all the hard work we put into making the lab a success- so another job well done!

It is the F-Secure Technology in Learning Award, part of the Community Education Awards. It is to recognise a school which has encouraged effective learning through the development of innovation, and introducing technology into the learning environment. Especially, with pupils involved in both the design and production of the work involved, which is what Lab_13 is all about!

By Josh and Sam

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Gillespie News: Science Fair & Madagascar Calling!

The Splendid Science Fair!

On Tuesday 9th June 2015 there was an amazing science fair that was held at Gillespie primary school by yr6. The fair was from 09:30 – 04:30 pm.

Poster put up in school to advertise the Science Fair

Poster put up in school to advertise the Science Fair

This was an astonishing event where children from Duncombe (yr6) and Grafton (yr6) primary school came. There was a man who bought in chameleons, a bearded dragon, water dragon, a frog and a tarantula.

Brochures made by children about the Gillespie Science Fair

Brochures made by children about the Gillespie Science Fair

The stalls were  paint beats, glow in the dark, fruit batteries, terrific tornados, let it frozen snow, boom box, lab_13, manuka honey project, egg drop, balloon rocket and volcano escape.

By Arkan

Getting in touch with Madagascar

The Lab_13 committee Skype chatted with a charity worker and a scientist called Lala from Madagascar. The time there was also different by 2 hours which was roughly 10:30 in Madagascar.

The Lab_13 management committee ready for their Skype chat

The Lab_13 management committee ready for their Skype chat

We found out that 80% of plants seen in Madagascar are seen nowhere else in the world. We were shocked to find out that in Madagascar the schools books are very old and they write with chalk and mostly sit on the floor and many of the teachers are not paid for 6 months and when they are paid only £5.00. We had the idea of a science or Lab_13 related fundraiser to help out with education charity Azafady and finally we discovered what you call someone who is from Madagascar: Malagasy!!!

Louise and Lala from Azafady, who kindly agreed to answer some of our questions about Madagascar!

Louise and Lala from Azafady, who kindly agreed to answer some of our questions about Madagascar!

By Naeema

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The Winner of Irchester’s Shadow Art Competition

On Friday the 22nd of May we introduced the shadow art competition for the lab’s 4th Birthday. We were impressed by all of the entries, there were loads of different ones including Elizabeth 1st walking her dog, a pretty cool Spiderman, ICPS and LAB 13 ones, my favourite was a castle.

Queen Elizabeth I walking her dog, by Madison

With the help of the Indigo Moon Theatre Company we shortlisted 4 entries: they were Kieran, Matthew, Madison and Charlotte.

Matthews entry: “6-2=4, the labs 4th birthday!”

Charlotte’s from Foundation stage: “Lab 13″

But we could only pick one winner! We had a fair vote, and can announce the winner is..…….KIERAN! We were impressed by the all the different materials he used to show the school logo and ICPS.

The Winner! ICPS and logo by Kieron

By Toby P

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Gillespie News: Beetastic Cheltenham!

Beetastic Cheltenham

On Wednesday 3rd June (tomorrow) the Beesearchers are going to travel all the way to Cheltenham to be the first kids to have a stall about their world-breaking discovery. We have been finding patterns in their graphs to find the answer to our question: does Manuka honey help to reduce common illnesses (coughs and cold)? If you want to find out the world-changing conclusions of our study, come to Cheltenham Science Festival and visit our stall!

Science Busking

We will be science busking at Cheltenham to get more children excited about science, to create a love for science, and to make Gillespie a landmark on the map. Science busking is when you walk up to people, you ask them “do you want to see some science?” – it’s a  bit like a magic trick, but it’s science. We’re doing it so people learn more about science experiments, and try them at home. We did the testing for this this morning, and we chose the activities.

Busking tests

Busking tests

For example, the slinky gun is made with a polystyrene cup and a metal slinky. As you drop the slinky, the different sections of the slinky make ripples, which cause a sound. The polystyrene cup amplifies this sound because the air inside vibrates.

Written by Absar and Tyler

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Lab_13 Irchester’s 4th Birthday

What a day we have had! Lab_13 Irchester is four during the half term break, so we decided to celebrate in style with International Year of Light themed activities. First, the whole school enjoyed a shadow performance of ‘The Jungle Book’ performed by the Indigo Moon Theatre Company: Year 2 enjoyed it so much they made some shadow puppets of their own:


Years 3 and 4 were lucky enough to have a workshop with the theatre group and were able to investigate making shadows of different shapes and sizes: DSCN0367DSCN0368 In the Lab, Miss Draper was creating coloured shadows by blocking red, green and blue light and children investigated the effect of sun cream using photochromatic beads: DSCN0545 DSCN0549 And our budding artists created a playground scene using blue, yellow and red pencils, which looks different pictures depending on which colour light filter you look through: DSCN0539DSCN0561DSCN0554  DSCN0556 After spending so much time looking at blocking light, Foundation Stage and Year 6 decided to harness light. Year 6 made their own solar ovens and cooked scrumptious smores:

DSCN1077DSCN0551 DSCN1090 DSCN1092

And Foundation Stage made lights using water bottles – bottle lights were invented by Alfredo Moser and are used in poverty stricken areas of the Philippines where electricity is too expensive for many:


We also held a ‘Shadow Art’ competition – the winner gets to take their class in the lab for a day. A few of the entries are shown here…which one would you choose? DSCN0565  DSCN0569 DSCN0572DSCN0567cropped Phew – time for a holiday I think!

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Gillespie News: The Beesearchers

We are delighted to inform you that a team from Gillespie School will be the first children to run a stall at Cheltenham Science Festival.  These children are called the Beesearchers, who are aged 7 – 11.

Working hard

Working hard

They are showing their research into whether honey affects your health.  This is useful as we are learning as well as helping others.  We are proud to say that Brian Cartwright, from Ofsted, has viewed Lab_13 and gave us positive feedback. His letter is attached below:

Science note of visit (1)

We hope the stall goes beetastically well, and if it does go wrong, let’s hope they have a plan bee… (teehee!)

Written by Rose, Hivron and Ella

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