Solid Hope’s Shake-Up

The brilliant Student Management Committee from Solid Hope Lab_13 also had a few changes to their line up.
Everyone, introduce yourselves!


My name is Klassic Quansah Junior. I am twelve years of age. I stay at Feyiase and come from Elmina in the central region. I am interested in science and like it very much. I want to be a very famous and brilliant scientist.


My name is Oscar Dormetpor. I am twelve years old. I come from Keta in the Volta Region. I want to be an inventor like Carl Benz and the many others!


My name is Adjei Kwabena Jeffrey. I am twelve years of age. My favourite hobby is to make and use solar panels. At first I couldn’t get the materials, but now I am a member of the SMC, I do! I am very proud to have this opportunity.


Goodwill Bismark Arthur John Junior is my name. I am twelve years of age. I stay at Dadiesoaba but come from Kwamo. Now I am an SMC member I will invent something to aid my parents – that’s why I want to learn hard to achieve my aims. I like science very much and I want to be one of the best scientists in Ghana, West Africa, Africa, and the whole wide world.


My name is Samson Tetteh. I am thirteen years of age. I cam from James Town but I stay in Kumasi. I love science and I understand that Lab_13 is a great opportunity for me, so I am not going to lose it! I want to be a scientist and my role model is Leonardo Da Vinci. I want to invent things like him and become a student in a chemistry class.


My name is Wendy Afia Agyeiwaah Darkoh. I come from Twifopraso in the Central Region but I stay at Bantama. I am eleven years old. I am in class six. I am proud to be a member of the SMC because I love science and inventing things.


My name is Edna Osei. I am 12 years of age. I come from Akuapem Mampong but I stay at Oforikrom. I am a selected member of the SMC of Solid Hope and I take lots of responsibility in keeping the lab clean and tidy and put lots of effort in to be a great scientist in the future.


My name is Emmanuel, a selected member of the Student Management Committee. I like learning about the solar system and space and I hope I can one day be an astronaut and stand on Mars.

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Agape Academy Lab_13 is under new management!

The SiRs decided we should have interviews to form a new committee. The day of recruitment was on the 20th April, which was The Vetting Day.
We were six in number: Oliver, Dennis, Brenda, Grace, Enocksticia and Rebecca. The SiRs would came for the interview were SiR Joe and Saviour.

We were picked at random and surprisingly Enocksticia was the first member to go. When Enocksticia started she almost cried as the questions bounded towards her. But Brenda and Dennis showed strength in the interview room.

Emmanuel and Edward from the previous committee were not able to take the interview because Emmanuel failed to fill out his application form and Edward had other commitments.

After the vetting, we went into a classroom and prayed that there would be no evictions.

We all qualified! We wondered at first if it was a dream but it was reality. The happiest day of our lives from a day we will never forget.

We have one new SMC member now…


Hi! My name is Oliver Frimpong and I am 13 years old. I live at Tafo. The subject I like best is science because in the future I want to become a doctor. This is the reason I chose to become an SMC member. I want to acquire more knowledge and save lives!

Thank you Lab_13 from all the Agape SMC!

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Gillespie news: science show and model eye

The Science Show

On Sunday there was a science show at Leicester Square Theatre. Some Gillespie children went and enjoyed it a lot. One of them got invited on stage to be a jacket potato as they were answering a question on the digestive system. Greg Foot was one of the two presenters and they answered questions written by the audience and also from people around Britain. I found it hilarious but I still learnt new things like some elements make different coloured fires. For example barium, which makes green fire. This made me think about Lab_13 as answering questions and explaining them with experiments links the two together. It would be amazing if he could come to our school and do something similar.

 The Model Eye

Over the past couple of weeks the Lab_13 committee have been working on a project building a model of an eye. It’s for an international competition to make a model of a body part that Lab_13 Ghana are hosting. So far we have made the sclera and choroid. We have learnt about the optic nerve which sends messages from the eye to the brain and therefore allows you to see.

Making our model optic nerve

We are using papier mache to construct the model and string for the capillaries (small blood vessels). We tried to find something that looked like it could be an optic nerve, and we finally found a plastic tube and spring to represent the nerves. We think it will be finished in two weeks’ time.


Painting the sclera and the choroid – can you spot the capillaries?



Written by Naeema (Y6) and Serafino (Y5)

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Irchester’s Science Spaces: year 5 and 6

Here is the first update on what kind of Science Spaces Irchester pupils created in their classes for Science Week!

6RR went to the wildlife area outside Foundation Stage and planted seeds, hung birdfeeders and rebuilt the bug hotel. It was falling apart a bit before, but now it looks great! Foundations Stage, Year 1 and 2 should now be able to find much more wildlife living there! After the Sats week Year 6 will go with their Foundation Stage buddies to the wildlife area and go bug hunting.

In 6JW they set up an engineering corner: Mrs Ward set a challenge, to make the highest tower possible which could hold a marshmallow at the top! All they had was 20 pieces of spaghetti, 1 metre of sticky tape and 1 meter of string. They came up with lots of different designs!marshmallow challenge 4

Year 5 next: we created a science corner all about light. This linked to learning about our amazing eyes! Some of use dissected a bull’s eye, while others learnt about refracting and reflecting light. In our light corner we have light reflecting glasses that make you see rainbows! The special lens breaks up the light and as light is made up of the colours of the rainbow you see lots and lots of rainbows!

Also we made some shadow puppets which we used to make our own incredible puppet show. There is also a sheet of paper which is like a mirror but when you go to look at your reflection you seem to be broken into pieces and covered in rainbows and this is because of reflection and refraction. We finally did an experiment which you can try at home. We got half a glass of water and poured half a glass of kitchen oil in. Then we put the thermometer inside and it appeared to be broken! This is the light refracting differently in the water and the oil.

we asked some year 5s what they thought about their science space: Chloe-Rose said “I found out that if you put too much power in a bulb then it will blow up. Also that light travels in straight lines.”  Harley said “I loved it. I like how light works and how it’s made”

Next up: year 3 and 4!






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Gillespie news: scale solar system

Solar system investigation

On the 25th April 2016 someone in Y1 called AminIMG_0702 asked how big the Sun is. So Carole invited 5 Y6s and 5 Y1s to the lab to investigate this question. They started by borrowing books from the library and researching how big the Sun is.

The children then answered another question which was how big would the other planets be if the Sun was to a scale factor of 1m. When the Y6s finished all the maths and the compass work, the Y1s decorated the planets for Carole to stick them on a piece of paper to make into a poster.


Now the management committee are going to write facts on the poster and put it up in Lab_13.

Here are some of our facts:

The solar system got its name because everything goes around the Sun, and solar means ‘of the Sun’.

The Moon formed by the earth being hit by a rogue* proto-planet* and the Moon was created by the debris* created by this titanic collision*.

*these are the words we would like to define for our readers as they may not have a teacher with them to help them:

  • Rogue: used as a metaphor to describe a dangerous planet that goes off course.
  • Proto-planet: ‘proto’ means forming or the early version, like prototype is an example of the first tests or version of something.
  • Debris:  the remains of something.
  • Collision: a clash of objects.

Written by Leila Y5 and Hivron Y6!


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Gillespie news: competitions & awards

Previously we explained the rules of an eco-house competition that we designed for the children of Gillespie School. We chose two winners that both had creative but different entries. They will soon (for their prize) come into the lab to create a model of their eco-house. Our winners were … Mabel from year 4 and Chloe, Yusra, Martha and Ria from year 5.

Recently we decided to make certificates for a curious questioner, super scientist, incredible investigator and ingenious inventor to give out during our assemblies. We announced our first winner for the curious questioner who was… Melissa in year 4!


Written by Ellie and Katie, Y6

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Indroducing Irchester’s new Committee!


Hi, my name is Heaven and I am very happy to be in the Lab_13 committee. My favourite job so far is the blog because there is a lot of work to do and I also get to do the rocket seeds. I wanted to be in the committee because I love science and I’ve always wanted to learn more. I’m looking forward to doing all the experiments and learning new things about science. I’m really excited to do all the jobs with my partner Elise.




Hi my name is Jessie and I’m glad that I’m part of the lab_ 13 committee. One of my favourite things to do is learn about science and I love animals. I am most excited about writing the blog, snails and all the jobs and keeping the work updated.




Hi! I’m Tommy and I am very excited to be in the brand new lab_13 committee. I will do my jobs the best I can and I am feeling very good about the animal jobs like snails and stick insects. I like science because it created the world and it’s everywhere. I hope I will be a good committee member because I put 100% effort in my jobs.



Hello my name is Cherry I am 9 years old and I’m on the lab-13 committee. My favourite things are science because it is FUN and I love to learn new things and art because of the creativity. I am excited about looking after the insects and keeping things updated.




Hi I’m Keiron and I am so glad that I got on the committee. My favourite job so far is the stick insects but I think the snails will be the best job. I’m excited about organising the Lab’s 5th birthday party this term, it’s going to be great!

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