Lab_13: a space dedicated entirely to investigation, innovation and creativity; a space managed by young people; a space led by young people.

Inspired by the Room 13 network (www.room13scotland.com), an international network of art studios set up in schools to allow children to explore their creativity by following their own rules, Ignite! has developed a family of laboratories based within schools, external from curriculum pressures, and managed entirely by the students of the school.

A Management Committee is established in each Lab_13; a small group of students who have the responsibility of the management of the lab. From recruitment to resources, every aspect of Lab_13 is decided on by the Management Committee (which recruits replacement members each year, in most cases).

Similar to the artist-in-residence of Room 13s, each Lab_13 Management Committee has recruited a ‘scientist-in-residence’, with either a scientific, engineering or inventing background – a dedicated adult to assist with investigations, ensure the children are conducting experiments safely, and lend a hand where needed!

Click on the school name under the Lab_13’s tab to learn about each of our fantastic Lab_13’s!

2 Responses to About

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  2. Wamala Paul David. says:

    It looks good,educative and necessary in teaching and learning sciences.

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