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Good bacteria – lactobaccilus

As part of our Dirty Stinky Children project we want to know all about microorganisms – the good, the bad and the ugly! We have learnt a lot about infections and diseases, rotting and decomposing and how our bodies protect … Continue reading

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Swabbing the School (Irchester)

We swabbed different parts of the school searching for bacteria. To do this we had to make agar gel.The way this works is the bacteria feeds on the glucose in the nutrient agar which makes them grow into a colony … Continue reading

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Lab_13 Kids Conference 2014!

Today, Lab_13 Irchester hosted the Lab_13 Kids Conference. It was the first time ever that the management committee kids from all the Lab_13s met up at the same time! Management teams from Gillespie, Dovecote and Irchester joined together to share … Continue reading

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Inspiring Girls into Science

One of the values of our school is fairness and we think that it is important that, if they are interested, girls are encouraged into science careers. Girls and women are not encouraged enough; here are some statistics to prove … Continue reading

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Citizen Science on our Residential to Wales

Recently, Year 6 went on a residential to Longtown which is located on the Black Mountains of Wales. As this was such a contrasting landscape and environment to what we are used to we decided to do some scientific experiments … Continue reading

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Coming soon…..

Excitement is building in Irchester… The Lab_13 Lectures are just three weeks away! We are pleased to say that both showings are now FULLY BOOKED which means we have about 400 children from Year5, 6 and 7 coming from all … Continue reading

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How we share how Lab_13 Irchester works!

At Lab_13 we love to share our ideas with other communities. Miss Hogan does a lot of that! Last week was particularly busy for her… Miss Hogan went to a ‘Teach Meet’ at Wrenn Secondary school. There, she had exactly … Continue reading

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